Last Updated: June 16, 2020, 3:49 am

Know When to Use the Surrender Option When Playing Multiple Deck Blackjack

Known to many serous gamblers as a good game to be tried if players are skillful card counters, blackjack is very enticing that many people enjoyed playing it. This game also offers big opportunities to gamblers to raise the money in their bankrolls so every individual is encouraged to try playing blackjack in casinos where small and big amount of money are at stakes. Blackjack is very easy and enjoyable to play which is the reason why many new casino gamblers are addicted or attracted with making a living out of it.

There are various options available to players when they play blackjack. These options include hitting, standing and doubling down. Aside from these, serious gamblers also can surrender or concede in the game if they think that their cards are not that strong. However, surrendering in blackjack has advantages and disadvantages. Hence, players must know when to take advantage of this option.

According to those who have experiences in playing blackjack, surrendering is not a coward move. If gamblers know when to use it, it will give them an edge in their games. In this case, they must consider the number of decks that they will play because the situations that calls for this option to be made depend on the decks that are used in a particular game.

When playing multiple deck blackjack, players must consider their hands as well as the upcard of the dealer before they surrender in the game. Many blackjack experts agree that there are only two hands and instances that players should consider to surrender in multiple deck blackjack. These situations are the following: when they have a hand that has a value of 16 and the upcard of their opponent has a value of nine, ten or an ace, as well as the hand of the player has a value of 15 and the upcard of the dealer is ten.

Players should always remember the situations that are mentioned and discussed in this article when they play multiple deck blackjack. Having knowledge about these situations will help them allot because it will save them from experiencing great troubles. Remember, by surrendering in the game, players can save half of their initial bets. Saving those bets can allow them to increase the bets that they will place in their succeeding games.

Above all, players should always bear in mind that surrendering is not a sign of being coward. However, it is an intelligent decision if players know when to use this option to gain an edge over the casino where they are playing the game.