Last Updated: June 16, 2020, 3:49 am

Strategies to Use When Players Want to Make an Early Surrender in Blackjack

Blackjack is a very strategic and challenging game that gamblers usually try at casinos near them. This game has a lot of special options and betting systems that players can choose and use to win over blackjack dealers. Blackjack is an exciting and alluring game only if gamblers know how to take advantage of every opportunity that will enable them to beat their opponent. In this manner, it will give them an edge in their games, if they know the different strategies to use to win.

Early surrender is an option that players can make to end the game and lose only half of their stakes. Meanwhile, if players do not have sufficient knowledge about this option, it is possible that they miss their chance of defeating the dealer by making this move. Thus, every blackjack player who will play in casinos that have early surrender as an option, should know when it is appropriate to make an early surrender in their games.

The strategies that players can use depend on the number of decks of cards that are used in the game. However, based on the experiences of experts in blackjack, there are four hands in one, double and six-deck blackjack, wherein players should make an early surrender if their opponent has a soft hand and decides to hit with a value of 17. These situations include if their cards have a total value of four and if they have a pair of 8, but the latter only applies in double deck blackjack.

Meanwhile, if they play a single deck blackjack, there are ten hands wherein early surrender is advisable which include having a pair of seven or cards that have a total value of 17. On the other hand, if they are playing with a double deck blackjack, they can make an early surrender if their hand has a value of 13 as well as six. Lastly, in six-deck blackjack, players can use this option if their hand has a value of five and seven.

Early surrender in blackjack is not available in all online and live casinos. Late surrender is more prominent than early surrender so gamblers must know whether the casino offers this option to make wise decisions in their games. Some strategies that are useful in a game that has an early surrender may not be applicable in a game that has a late surrender, so it is necessary that players ask blackjack dealers about this aspect of the game.