Last Updated: June 16, 2020, 3:49 am

Situations That Call Players to Use the Late Surrender Option in Blackjack

Known as a card game that has captured the attention of many casino gamblers, blackjack is the game that people who easily gets bored in casinos should try. This attractive card game is fast-paced so players do not need to spend most of their time waiting for the results of the game since in blackjack, players are only playing against casino dealers. This characteristic of blackjack also allows individuals to enjoy the game to the fullest since they have more chance of improving their stakes in this game.

Blackjack offers many opportunities to players to raise their income and profits. Aside from the excitement that players can feel while playing this game, they can also feel satisfied and fulfilled because their efforts will surely be paid off if they will beat the hands of the dealer. To individuals who are new to playing blackjack, they can also be assured that they will not be able to lose all their money in this game if they only know the different options that the game offer to them.

Aside from insurance, blackjack players can also surrender in the game. Surrendering in blackjack only means that players concede. However, even if they use this option, they are still not in the losing end because the rules of this game states that those who will make an early surrender or late surrender will be able to take back half of the amount of their bet.

Late surrender is available in traditional and online casinos. Players can decide if they will use this option right after the dealer has checked if they have a blackjack. Hence, to use this option to their advantage, players are advised to learn the instances when it is recommended to surrender.

If the dealer has an ace and the player has one of the following hands, hard 15, 16 and 17, then it would be best and safe for them to make a late surrender. In addition, if a player has a hard 15 and the dealer has a card that has a value of 10, surrendering is also the best option. Lastly, if the dealer has a nine, ten or an ace, and the player gets a pair of eights, the player is in the losing end, so it would be beneficial if the player would use this option.

Surrendering in blackjack is not seen by many professionals as a sign of failure. Making this option is seen by some players as an intelligent move only if players know the situations that call them to surrender. Thus, players should be careful in using this option in the game because there is still a possibility that they miss the chance of defeating the dealer if they are not knowledgeable about these instances.


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